Dry Drowning
8 Gal. of Payette River Water, 1300 Plastic Bags, LEDs
2013, 8 x 20 Ft.

     “I remember the gentle flow of the Payette River as water caressed the shore. I remember cries and chaotic conversations around me. I remember children perched on the hill above confused and afraid for this person they might not even know. I remember there was this silence. Not the peaceful quiet that soothes the soul but the eerie anxiety creating silence that foreshadows something awful. I finally remember between breaths, looking into her glazed-over eyes, revealing both fear and calm, as she passed away. I had never met this woman, but that one look remains my most profound memory."

     Dry Drowning is a multidisciplinary installation made in reaction to an event in which a moment of profundity in my life is deconstructed and investigated. The installation addresses the dualistic nature of water, an entity that while beautiful has the capability to cause chaos and pain.


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